RoboCart 10 - Robotic CNC tending system with integrated parts magazine.

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RoboCart 10 - Robotic CNC tending system with integrated parts magazine.

RoboCart 10 is a revolutionary new approach to operating CNC equipment. Perfect solution for small machine shops and low volume production runs. Designed with flexibility in mind, robot can be moved between different machines and workstations. There is no need to invest in expensive, dedicated robotic CNC loading equipment. RoboCart 10 can handle it all. The system consists of Universal Robots UR10e robot, and the four-position rotating part magazine installed on portable platform. The aluminum extrusion cart is equipped with a locking mechanism that allows securing the system to the floor. It guarantees accuracy and repeatability when moving RoboCart 10 between machines. Cart has six pneumatic valves installed. They can be used for powering the end arm tooling or the work holding fixtures. Valves are wired directly to the robot’s controller and can be actuated from within the robot’s program. Standard I/O interface allows easy communication between the robot and the CNC. There are additional inputs provided for connecting additional sensors. The system is also equipped with two vacuum / pressure sensors which makes using vacuum grippers very easy. RoboCart 10 is prewired for additional eight air valves (valve bank assembly purchased separately). Additional valves can be used for controlling vises, clamps, deburring, or cleaning tools. The robot’s controller and operator interface are mounted inside of the cabinet. There are two storage bins for tools and supplies provided.

Parts magazine can be arranged in vertical or horizontal orientations. Magazines can be equipped with variety of standard or custom manufactured trays to fit your production needs.

When not operating CNCs RoboCart 10 can be used for different purposes. It can be helpful in automating assembly processes, applying sealants, testing, marking, deburring, and cleaning.

RoboCart 10 is an excellent solution for companies willing to automate their manufacturing processes. It is affordable, cost effective and pays for itself within a few months. No matter if you are big or small company RoboCart 10 will perfectly fit your needs


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