Lathe Part Pusher

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Lather Part Pusher is essential tool for the robot tended CNC machines. After loading new part, it is necessary to make sure that the material is pressed firmly against the work fixture. During manual part loading this is usually accomplished by hitting the part with the plastic mallet. Lathe Part Pusher has the spring loaded center pin. The Part Pusher can be installed in the 1.25" ID boring bar holder. Optional pusher adaptor disc could be used for pushing the hollow parts.

All components are precision CNC machined at our CNC facility in Wood Dale, IL to ensure quality and precise fitment.

Sequence of machine operation while using the Lathe Part Pusher:

- Rotate the turret so the Lathe Part Pusher is in working position.

- Move the turret into position and press the part pusher against the part.

- Unclamp the chuck.

- Wait for part to seat properly inside of the chuck.

- Clamp the chuck.

- Move the turret to the safe position.

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